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5 Denver Broncos Who Need to Come Up Big Against New England Patriots

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5 Denver Broncos Who Need to Come Up Big Against New England Patriots

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The Buffalo Bills didn't have a lot of trouble putting up points against the New England Patriots this past Sunday. In your typical game, 28 points would be enough to give you at least a shot at putting up a win, but against the Patriots, this isn't always the case.

Tim Tebow found this out the hard way in last year's regular season and playoff matchup against Tom Brady's offense. Both games looked oddly similar, as the Denver Broncos were able to put up points, yet their defense simply couldn't stop anything that Brady sent their way.

When the Broncos play the Patriots this weekend, we know that Peyton Manning will put up points, and who knows; he might just put up enough points to beat the Patriots in a 50-40 type shootout. Ideally though, he shouldn't have to.

Denver's defense needs to come up big against New England, and for that to happen, there are five players in particular who need to be an effective counter to Brady's offense.

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5. Joe Mays

Joe Mays
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After serving a one game suspension for a hit on Matt Schaub, Joe Mays is back on Denver's active roster, and will be looked upon to help solidify the linebacker position alongside Von Miller. Since the Patriots use their tight ends through the middle of the field so often, Mays will have his hands full. He'll need to be an effective pass rusher and an effective pass defender if the Broncos hope to slow down Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski.

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4. Champ Bailey

Champ Bailey

Champ Bailey will counted on to shut down Wes Welker, regardless of where Welker lines up. Bailey needs to avoid getting caught out of position by the crossing routes and the added complications of two tight ends being on the field so often. In the last two games against the Patriots, Bailey hasn't been much of a factor, and that needs to change on Sunday if Denver wants to grab the win.

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3. Elvis Dumervil

Elvis Dumervil

The pass rush is going to be an extremely important part of Denver's gameplan. If Brady has time to sit back in the pocket and stare, the Broncos secondary won't be able to keep pace. Elvis Dumervil will be counted on to put as much pressure on Brady as possible and knock him off of his rhythm.

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2. Von Miller

Von Miller

Though the Patriots don't boast as threatening of a running game as the Oakland Raiders do, Miller was extremely effective against the Oakland's rushing attack, helping to make Darren McFadden almost a non factor, and he'll look to repeat that success this weekend. He'll be counted on to assist Dumervil by putting pressure on Brady from the opposite side. His effectiveness will largely determine Brady's comfort level in the pocket, and whether or not he'll have time to go through all his reads. With so many options to throw to, keeping Brady's read time down will be of the utmost importance for John Fox and Jack Del Rio.

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1. Tracy Porter

Tracy Porter

Tracy Porter seems to have a tendency to make big defensive plays when his team really needs them. Despite that, he'll still be a more attractive option to throw to than Bailey, so he'll see his fair share of pass attempts, and how often those convert will be up to him. Given the number of opportunities Porter could have, he'll be counted on to make big defensive plays for Denver's secondary and ultimately minimize Brady's passing options.