Jay Cutler: Media Attempting To Make Something Out Of Nothing Again

By Randy Holt
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Ah, yes. Another week, another sideline incident involving Jay Cutler that is set to get blown up by the media.

In Week 2, a game in which the offense of the Chicago Bears was completely dismantled by the Green Bay Packers, Cutler went after offensive lineman J’Marcus Webb. He was screaming at him and gave him a shoulder bump on his way to the sideline. We still haven’t heard the end of that one.

Despite an impressive win over the Dallas Cowboys, in front of a national audience on Monday night, the questions about Cutler and his attitude on the sidelines are once again surfacing.

Never mind the fact that throughout the game, Cutler was smiling, congratulating his receivers and patting most of his offensive line, even giving Webb a pep talk at one point. Also never mind the fact that Cutler had a monster game, finishing 18-of-24 for 275 yards and a pair of scores.

The real story from Monday night, is apparently Cutler’s attitude in the second quarter. After an unsuccessful series, offensive coordinator Mike Tice went to sit down and talk to Cutler about what happened. Cutler got up and left, apparently to get water. Reporters even went as far as asking Cutler about the situation after the game.

In typical Cutler fashion, he dismissed it. Just as most reasonable people would think, Cutler getting up to get some water is a non-story.

This is just another chapter in the continuing media witch hunt against Jay Cutler. Even in a blowout win, in which the Bears did very little wrong, the media are choosing to focus on the one potentially negative incident to come out of it. At this point, it has just gotten sad. There’s no other way to put it.

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