Dallas Cowboys Play Terrible And Continue To Their Average Record

By Ben Grimaldi

We shouldn’t be surprised at the way the Dallas Cowboys played on Monday night. They are an average team. My eyes tell me that, your eyes tell you that and even the Cowboys record since 2008 tells us that. After the aberration that was the 2007 season, the Cowboys record is 36-32; doesn’t scream dominant does it?

Truth be told, I’m at a loss tonight. How can this 2012 edition of the Dallas Cowboys can play so well in an opening night win against the New York Giants, only to stink it up the next three weeks. (is there a more politically correct way to say it?)

Disagree? Feel free to message me as to why I’m wrong, I’ll even throw my twitter account out there, @BenGrimaldi, if you to disagree with me.

Tonight, the Cowboys were moving the ball well against the Bears throughout the game and Tony Romo was finding open receivers, even though they continued to drop passes. We’ve all been waiting for Dez Bryant to have his second career 100 yard receiving game and he was open all night long. He caught 8 passes for 105 yards, but it could’ve been the kind of breakout game all Cowboys fans keep expecting. He dropped several passes that should have extended drives or that he could’ve scored on. Big time NFL receivers catch the balls Dez Bryant dropped tonight.

Not to mention he ran the wrong route yet again for Tony Romo and it led to a Chicago Bears defensive score. Anyone wondering why Dez Bryant isn’t the elite receiver his talent suggests he should be, this game should’ve answered any of you’re questions. For all his size and skill, Bryant is still missing that “it” factor to make him the player he should be. He continues to have too many dropped passes and too many mental lapses for him to be the difference maker we all thought he could be.

Am I over analyzing the impact of Dez’s impact on the game? I apologize if it seems that way, because the sad part is the Cowboys offensive line was their biggest issue coming into the game and they played admirably. They fought hard and battled a good Chicago defensive front, only to have the Cowboys receivers continue to drop passes or run the wrong route. That’s on you Dez Bryant , Kevin Ogletree and Miles Austin. I’ve never played professional football but I know you’ve got to cross a defensive backs face when running a cross, how come Miles Austin doesn’t know how to do that?

Tony Romo wasn’t sharp tonight either and he still needs to learn better ball security but it’s not like he had much help.

I’m sorry if it seems like all the blame is being put on the offense because it’s not like they played well on defense either. Dallas has two losses and in both games they’ve lost, I’ve been baffled by Rob Ryan’s gameplan. Against Seattle he didn’t bring pressure playing against a rookie quarterback. Tonight, Ryan swung and missed again.

I am in awe the Cowboys defense could only manage one measly sack against the Bears offensive line. The stats will say they had two but in reality the Cowboys only had one real sack and rarely pressured Jay Cutler. Chicago’s offensive line is an average group at best and Dallas failed to make any impact on Cutler.

The bigger issue to me was how much Ryan had Gerald Sesnabaugh in coverage against Brandon Marshall. Didn’t the Cowboys pay Brandon Carr $50 million and draft Morris Claiborne to matchup against opposing teams wide receivers? Why then, did I see Sensabaugh giving Marshall a free release and then trailing him all over the field? Dallas didn’t have Barry Church, we all know that, but they better find a way to get their best defenders to go against the opponents best weapons.

It’s a different season but the Cowboys theme appears to be the same, they don’t have “it.” They continue to have no clue how to win games with any consistency. They have the talent, supposedly, yet they still don’t win. Every year they make enough mistakes to lose rather than make the “plays” to win.

The year is different, the coach is different, some of the players are different, but the results remain the same, the Cowboys are average. Which means they aren’t bad.

It also means they aren’t good either.

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