Finding Flaws In The Houston Texans Becoming More Difficult

By Chris Hengst

What is a fan, a radio show caller, a pessimist to do when then the hometown team refuses to offer much negative fodder? Inherently, at least the majority it seems, people with sports addictions like to kvetch. It’s a crutch used to fend off the anger gnawing away inside that their favorite franchise won’t contend for another season.

So in the 11th year of their existence, the Houston Texans have succeeded in silencing many of the Bayou City’s finest amateur orators. At 4-0, the AFC South all but captured barring catastrophic injuries, Gary Kubiak’s outfit is playing for playoff seeding.

Mercury Morris and the 1972 Miami Dolphins can breathe easy. This schedule isn’t conducive to an undefeated run, but it’s on the table, something foreign to the franchise pre-Wade Phillips.

There are negatives, teaching areas like any NFL divisional leader, but those seem more about providing topics of conversation than actual hindrances.

Arian Foster’s workload (he’s on pace for more than 400 carries) could be an issue in December, the rushing attack hasn’t wowed like it did in 2011 thus far and Connor Barwin’s contract year is shedding zeros from his next check (just six tackles this season).

Still, unless those problems persist and expand, there’s no reason to believe the NFL’s best team during the first month won’t be a major factor in January.

Hosting postseason games at Reliant Stadium with a healthy Matt Schaub under center allows a fanbase clamoring for a winner to wipe the dissatisfied taste of being stuck with T.J. Yates in Baltimore out of their mouths.

Making an appearance in New Orleans cements Andre Johnson as the franchise’s first Hall of Famer. It writes a legacy for a native Houstonian turned offensive coordinator turned embattled then embraced head coach. Perhaps J.J. Watt‘s star continues its ascendancy, brighter, much brighter than the $100 million man currently frustrating Buffalo Bills fans.

In a city that followed a team that failed, annually, to squeak past the Pittsburgh Steelers and broke millions of hearts by relocating, Super Bowls aren’t tangible thoughts until they actually happen.

So what, over the next few months, will Houston Texans fans find to deride?

Well, they can always start with that miserable Clay Walker pre-game song.

Chris Hengst is a writer for Rant Sports. You can follow him on Twitter @ShootyHoops.

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