Fixing the Disaster that is The Dallas Cowboys Offensive Line

By Jesus Flores
Tim Heitman – US PRESSWIRE

The first quarter of the season is in the books and the Dallas Cowboys managed to stumble to a 2-2 record and I’m using the term lightly.

Expectations were high after the signing of guards Mackenzy Bernadeau and Nate Livings, but that expectation has come crashing down.

Livings has lived up to his reputation and for the most part has been solid in pass-protection, but hasn’t done much in the run game.  In Livings’ defense though, he’s never been known for his run blocking ability.

Bernadeau, however, has been horrendous in both pass blocking and run-blocking.  The thought behind Bernadeau’s signing was that he could come in and be serviceable much like the signing of Kyle Kosier was a few years back.  Unfortunately that was not the case.

In four straight games Bernadeau has allowed at least one sack and twice those sacks led to Tony Romo turnovers.  Watching Bernadeau play is painful to say the least.  His technique is flawed and he doesn’t posses the strength necessary to stand his ground and keep from getting pushed back into the quarterback.

Bernadeau got his shot and sad to say, he’s just not starting guard material.  Four games of tape into the season and he continues to make the same mistakes.  He gets beat in the same manner every game and his mistakes are hurting the team.  Romo might not say it because he’s a true professional, but changes need to be made along the offensive line.

One of those changes is replacing Bernadeau with someone who can actually play the position.  An in house solution could be playing David Arkin or moving Ryan Cook over to guard once Phil Costa returns.  I believe that solidifying the right guard spot would greatly help Doug Free because he won’t have to compensate for the guard’s downfalls and can focus specifically on his assignment.

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