Indianapolis Colts: Pass Rush Biggest Key for Colts Success Sunday Against Green Bay

By Eric Smith
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Besides a raucous crowd, a good pass rush will be the key for an Indianapolis Colts victory over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. The Packers haven’t done a very good job keeping Aaron Rodgers up as they’ve been giving up tons of sacks this season.

The Seattle Seahawks sacked Rodgers eight times alone in the first half of their game with the Packers. That intense pass rush and pressure kept the Seahawks in the game all night and allowed them a shot to win it. That’s what the Colts need Sunday.

The secondary has shown me they’re still problematic and weak. Vontae Davis plays way too far off the line and gives up too many slant routes. If he plays that far off Sunday, it won’t matter about a pass rush because Rodgers will have it to Davis’ man quickly.

If the secondary plays how the coaching staff promised they would, then the pass rush is going to be the deciding factor. The Colts need to bring pressure like never before and get to Rodgers quickly. If they allow him all day to throw, Green Bay may put up 70 points. A pass rush is key.

The Colts will most likely get back Dwight Freeney and Pat Angerer to the line backing core, so that adds to the help. Robert Mathis has come up big with his ability to get to the quarterback so far this season, but he needs help. Hopefully the Colts have come up with a great gameplan during the past two weeks to get to Rodgers and give themselves a chance.

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