NFL Power Rankings Week 5

By Marc Jenkins
Johnathan Joseph and the Texans Remain Number One in This Week's NFL Power Rankings
Brett Davis-US Presswire

One quarter of the season is in the books and teams are truly beginning to shape how their seasons’ will play out. There are still three undefeated teams and two winless teams remaining which means there is no change in this week’s power rankings amongst the top three spots and the bottom two however there is plenty of difference within the middle 27 spots.

1.) Houston Texans (4-0): Each week the Texans continue to show why they are the best all-around team in the NFL; they’ve got it all offense, defense, special teams and great coaching. (Last week #1)

2.) Atlanta Falcons (4-0): The Falcons pulled out a close, late win versus a division rival last week; Matty Ice is all grown up and now one of the elite QB’s in the league. (Last week #2)

3.) Arizona Cardinals (4-0): The Cardinals keep winning and in the process legitimizing their spot in the rankings; this defense is one of the better units in the league. (Last week #3)

4.) Baltimore Ravens (3-1): The Ravens won their second consecutive prime-time game and Joe Flacco continues to prove that he is much better than many give him credit for. (Last week #4)

5.) San Francisco 49ers (3-1): The Niners got a huge bounce-back victory last week and showed exactly how good they can be when they play up to their potential. (Last week #6)

6.) Chicago Bears (3-1): This Bears defense is looking very similar to that of the one from 2006 that led them to the Super Bowl; 14 forced turnovers through just four games. (Last week #8)

7.) Philadelphia Eagles (3-1): Three victories by a total of four points; even though the Eagles are 3-1 they have a point differential of minus 17, they should be worried. (Last week #10)

8.) San Diego Chargers (3-1): The Chargers look great against bad teams but looked shaky in the one game they played versus a good team, go figure. (Last week #12)

9.) Cincinnati Bengals (3-1): Don’t look now but the Bengals have won three straight following the opening week loss to the Ravens. (Last week #11)

10.) Minnesota Vikings (3-1): I became a believer in the Vikings following their upset of the 49ers two weeks ago, now everybody else better start believing too. (Last week #14)

11.) Green Bay Packers (2-2): The Pack finally got a 300-yard, four TD game out of Aaron Rodgers, but the defense faltered; if only they could get both sides of the ball firing together in the same game. (Last week #16)

12.) New York Giants (2-2): Typical New York Giants football struggle at the beginning of the season now let’s see if they can continue to be typical and be mediocre until week 16 and then turn it up. (Last week #5)

13.) Denver Broncos (2-2): Peyton Manning threw for 338 yards and three touchdowns as the Broncos offense seems like they are beginning to build some real chemistry; big test coming up this week. (Last week #18)

14.) New England Patriots (2-2): The jury is still out on the 2012 Patriots; some games they look like the Bill Belichick Patriots and others they look like the Pats who use to wear those helmets with the crouched over center. Manning vs Brady coming soon! (Last week #17)

15.) Dallas Cowboys (2-2): Nobody lays eggs on national television at home quite like Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys; Dallas is now 14-12 inside of Jerry World, that’s unbelievable. (Last week #7)

16.) Seattle Seahawks (2-2): After receiving gift victory two weeks ago they suffered a tough loss but the Seahawks still have a very good defense and running game which can get you far in the NFL. (Last week #9)

17.) Buffalo Bills (2-2): Who are the Bills? Are they the team that has allowed 100 points in their two losses or the team that has scored 59 in their two wins? (Last week #13)

18.) Washington Redskins (2-2): Following consecutive losses the Redskins finally got back to their winning ways last week; one thing that hasn’t changed is Robert Griffin III’s production (1,070 passing yards, 4 TD, 69.4% 252 rushing yards, 4 TD, 6.5 per carry) (Last week #27)

19.) St. Louis Rams (2-2): The Rams refuse to be the weak-link in the NFC West and what now seems as one of the two best divisions in football. (Last week #25)

20.) New York Jets (2-2): The Jets offense looks pathetic and their defense didn’t look much better last week; now with injuries beginning to pile up what are they going to do in attempts to save their season. Tebow Time yet? (Last week #15)

21.) Pittsburgh Steelers (1-2): Coming off of their early bye week the Steelers will get Troy Polamalu and James Harrison back this week and Rashard Mendenhall will be soon to follow. (Last week #19)

22.) Detroit Lions (1-3): It seems as if the pressure and expectations for the Lions to have a good season is effecting them so far, either that or they truly aren’t as good as everyone thought they were. (Last week #22)

23.) Tennessee Titans (1-3): The Titans were sent back to reality last week at the hands of a devastating loss where Jake Locker injured his non-throwing shoulder in the process. (Last week #20)

24.) Kansas City Chiefs (1-3): Following their huge win two weeks ago the Chiefs were another team that came back down to earth following a huge blowout loss last week. (Last week #23)

25.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-3): The Bucs are playing very tough competitive games but the only problem for them is that they are losing them instead of winning them; three losses by a combined 14 points. (Last week #24)

26.) Oakland Raiders (1-3): The Raiders defense was completely exploited by Peyton Manning last week and now they get a week to rest up and figure out some things. (Last week #22)

27.) Carolina Panthers (1-3): Cam Newton and the Panthers must figure out how to pull out close wins instead of losing them otherwise they will remain at the bottom of their division and my power rankings. (Last week #26)

28.) Indianapolis Colts (1-2): The Colts had a bye week last week now let’s see if that will pay instant dividends for this squad or will they continue to struggle even after the extra practice time together. (Last week #29)

29.) Miami Dolphins (1-3): The Dolphins were just second away from pulling off a huge upset last week but they couldn’t hold on; Ryan Tannehill had his first career 400-yard passing game in the process. (Last week #30)

30.) Jacksonville Jaguars (1-3): The Jags didn’t have a rookie quarterback to face off against this week so they lost again in the process; they will face a first-year starter twice more this season so that might be their three victories for the season. (Last week #28)

31.) New Orleans Saints (0-4): Still winless the Saints almost pulled out one versus the Packers at Lambeau but fell one point short; that defense has got to find some inspiration before the wind up losing all of their games. (Last week #31)

32.) Cleveland Browns (0-4) Brandon Weeden had his best NFL game last week versus the Ravens (320 passing yards) but the loss made it nine consecutive versus the team that use to be them before they were. (Last week #32)

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