Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy Has Been the Key to Beating the New York Giants

By Bryn Swartz

Over the past nine games, the Philadelphia Eagles have beaten the New York Giants eight times, including the only postseason matchup between the two.

They’ve beaten them with different quarterbacks – Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick, and even Vince Young. They’ve beaten them with different defensive coordinators – Jim Johnson, Sean McDermott, and Juan Castillo.

But one thing hasn’t changed. In every game, they’ve beaten them with running back LeSean McCoy. And in almost every game, it’s come down to the fourth quarter, where McCoy has just completely taken over.

In seven career games against the Giants, McCoy has carried the ball 35 times for 334 yards and two touchdowns. That’s a staggering 9.54 yards per carry. I would predict that no running back in the game’s history has ever been as dominant against another team in any quarter (minimum 35 carries).

He’s been remarkably consistent too. He carried the ball eight times for 61 yards in Sunday’s game. In last year’s win, he carried nine times for 70 yards. He carried eight times for 99 yards and a score in the first match-up between the teams in 2010. And he carried three times for 64 yards and a touchdown in his first-ever game against the Giants.

In those seven fourth quarters, he’s ripped off runs of 66 yards, 60 yards, 50 yards, and 40 yards. The 66-yard run was a game-clinching touchdown. The 60-yard run came in the final minute and wrapped up a victory. The 50-yard run came on fourth down and brought the Eagles from behind to steal a win. And the 40-yarder came later in the same game as the 50-yarder, helping to clinch the victory.

The formula in this week’s win against the Giants was perfect. Let Vick serve as a game manager, where his main job is to protect the football, while McCoy gains chunks and chunks of yardage in the fourth quarter.

If the Eagles can continue to feed McCoy the ball in the fourth quarter, they’re going to just keep winning against the Giants.

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