Stability has been a problem for Cleveland Browns, a key for New York Giants

By Steve Janson
Hank Fraley and Derek Anderson
Jason Miller-US Presswire

Who is that guy wearing no. 3? That is quarterback Derek Anderson. He was one of the starting quarterbacks in the 2008 season for the Cleveland Browns. Anderson is currently the backup to Cam Newton on the Carolina Panthers. Not pictured is Romeo Crennel, who’s last season as the Browns head coach was in 2008. Crennel is now the head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Since the game when this picture was taken against the New York Giants in 2008, the Browns have switched head coaches twice and have had eight different quarterbacks start a game. Meanwhile, the Giants have had the same quarterback in Eli Manning and head coach in Tom Coughlin for every game since Manning replaced Kurt Warner half way through his rookie season in 2004.

Manning will make his 135th consecutive start on Sunday afternoon. Meanwhile, the Browns have had the same starting quarterback for exactly five consecutive games.

It is very difficult to create a winning atmosphere when the two of the most important pieces to a team are constantly in flux. Manning’s durability has helped the Giants consistently win, and even produced two Super Bowl wins.

The Browns inability to chose a good head coach and field a quality quarterback has helped them consistently produce losing seasons followed by high draft picks.

With general manager Tom Heckert at the helm, the Browns appear headed in the right direction, as his drafts picks have produced more hits than misses with those high picks, which has been a rarity since the Browns came back in 1999.

For the Browns to become a good football team, they need to create a stable environment. There are conflicting reports as to whether owner-in-waiting Jimmy Haslem will keep or dismiss key members of the football operations once the season is done. I hope that he does not dismiss them, as it will only delay the creation of that stable environment.

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