The Star's Five Corners: Dallas Cowboys Good, Bad, and Ugly Against Chicago

By Jesus Flores
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In this week’s “The Star’s Five Corners” I’m going to discuss some in game occurrences from the fourth regular season game between the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears.

The Good: The Score might not show it but the defense only allowed two touchdowns.  One on a busted coverage and the other on a play where Morris Claiborne got outsmarted by a veteran receiver.  Sean Lee is a man amongst boys out there and proves it day in and day out with his play.  I can’t praise him enough for his heart and style of play.  I thought Danny McCray had a good game.  In his first game as a starter he finished second on the team with 6 tackles.

More Good: Haven’t given my man, Miles Austin much love lately but he shows up, does his job and does it well.  It was also good to see Jason Witten back to form.  Brian Moorman had a pretty good game also.  That’s about all the actual “good” from Monday’s game.

The Bad: I don’t know if it’s play calling or if the offense is too complicated, but Dez Bryant – despite a good game statistically – still looks lost as ever out there.  Maybe he has concentration problems because he’s out there lollygagging and loafing around instead of lining up correctly, running the wrong routes and had three dropped passes that would have kept the drive alive.  Kevin Ogletree, I know you’re down on the pecking order, but when the ball comes your way catch it, this isn’t volleyball.  Where is Lawrence Vickers?  Still waiting to see when and if Vickers will show up.  I’m eating crow on my DeMarco Murray being the great running back prediction from the beginning of the season and the offensive line isn’t helping (pun intended).

More Bad: Mackenzy Bernadeau is horrible.  That may be an understatement.  He cannot play guard in the NFL and shouldn’t be starting for this team; regardless of how much he’s getting paid.  There is no way in H-E double-hockey-sticks that Bernadeau is the best right guard we have on the team.  His inconsistency, in my opinion, is making Doug Free look worse than he actually is.  If and when Phil Costa gets back I would move Ryan Cook over to guard.  Aside from DeMarcus Ware, there aren’t any other pass-rushing threats on the defense, if that doesn’t change it doesn’t matter how good the corners are the defense is going to get burned .

The Ugly: The coaching staff hasn’t or can’t get this team to respond.  That’s twice the team has come out and looked completely flat in the second half.  Jason Garrett needs to start holding his players and coaching staff accountable for making the correct adjustments and performing to their capabilities.  Tony Romo’s interceptions were the ugliest part of the game, but I’m not mad at him.  I put this loss squarely on his shoulders cause he forced some passes and made some boneheaded decisions.  He put the stats aside and tried to get his team back in the game, to no avail.  When the rest of the team was standing around with their heads hung low, he was still trying to move the ball downfield. There is no doubt that Romo was trying to do too much at the end of the game, and it cost him.  Maybe if the entire team played with the heart that Romo does, there would be a different result.

The Bears had a great game plan and it showed.  Monday they were no doubt the better team and my hats off to them and their coaching staff for being ready to play when the bright lights came on.


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