Who Will be First to Go in Philadelphia, Michael Vick or Andy Reid?

By Emily Gruver
Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

Entering the 2012 NFL season, Andy Reid has been the Philadelphia Eagles coach for 13 years, and as for Michael Vick, this has been his 4th year being an Eagle. Both are on the hot seat.

Although Reid has one NFC Championship (2004) under his belt and several other awards and accomplishments, he is still yet to bring home the Vince Lombardi Trophy for the Eagles after all of these years. During his tenure as the Eagles’ head coach, Reid has been criticized for sometimes making poor draft pick decisions, yelled at for not having a good game plan against opponents and told that he should be fired.

He will always be remembered here in Philadelphia, but is it time for him to leave?

Vick has been hated since the moment he signed a contract with the Eagles due to his actions off the field and legally-troubled past. Even now, Vick could possibly lose his starting quarterback job to rookie Nick Foles because of his health and poor performances. Vick already has six interceptions and two fumbles this season and the only full 16-game season Vick has played during his career was in 2006 for the Atlanta Falcons, which shows just how injury prone he really is.

There has been nothing truly impressive out of Vick and Reid and many fans want a change immediately.

Now that we have seen all of these negatives come across for the Eagles, is it time to say goodbye to either or both of these men?

The big question now is, who will be the first to leave Philadelphia?

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