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Chicago Bears: Jay Cutler and Mike Tice are Happy With Each Other

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Ever since Jay Cutler committed the heinous crime of embarrassing J’Marcus Webb at Lambeau Field in week 2 of the regular season, his character and general demeanor has been discussed at length by the national media.

In fact it is about the only thing the national media seem interested in discussing when it comes to Chicago Bears football.

Monday night against the Dallas Cowboys was a case in point. After a failed third down attempt Cutler headed to the sidelines a little more than agitated at the execution of the 3 and 1 conversion failure.

We all saw what happened next, Mike Tice sat down, Cutler stood up and walked away apparently uninterested in anything that Tice had to say, Tice followed and stood next to Cutler, the TV cameras cut away.

It is getting tiresome defending Cutler to the hilt, but finally a situation has arisen where no justification for his actions are necessary. A sentiment clearly shared by Tice.

“He probably had enough of me telling him why the play didn’t work,” Tice said Wednesday morning at Halas Hall. “I get enough of me sometimes, too. I can talk a little bit.”

“I wasn’t angry at him,” Tice said. “I was venting to why the play didn’t work and probably at a certain point, ‘OK, OK.’ We move on and he had a great game. I am pleased with his performance.”

Indeed Tice did a very nice job of defending his quarterback by highlighting how the media had chosen not to show images of the two together at the end of the game.

“I wish they would have got the clip at the end of the game when he smacked me on the rear end. They didn’t show that one. And I smacked him back. But they didn’t show that one. They showed the other one.”

This much is clear, until Cutler leads this franchise to a Superbowl win, he will always be portrayed as a whiny, pouting little baby. After he leads the Bears to a Superbowl win he will be the same guy except his actions will then be justified as good leadership (Aaron Rodgers anyone?).