Denver Broncos: Peyton Manning, Willis McGahee Deserve FedEx Air/Ground Awards

By Mark Stringer
Ron Chenoy – US Presswire

Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning and RB Willis McGahee have both been nominated for awards for their performances in the Broncos’ Week 4 victory over the Oakland Raiders. Manning passed for over 300 yards and three touchdowns and committed no turnovers while McGahee rushed for over 100 yards and a touchdown.

Manning has been nominated by FedEx for their FedEx Air award (given to the NFL player with the top passing performance each week) and McGahee has been nominated for the FedEx Ground award (given to the player with the top rushing performance). Both of these guys are deserving of the nomination and now is our chance to vote and help get these guys win their respective awards.

Their competition was also well deserving. QBs Tom Brady and Matt Ryan also threw for 300+ yards and three touchdowns. RBs Brandon Bolden and Chris Johnson each rushed for over 100 yards and Bolden scored once.

I think the Broncos’ duo deserves the awards the most because their stats are just as good and they won in a blowout game after having two bad performances the weeks before. I think the Broncos will continue to get better and better and by the time the playoffs roll around, they will be a contender for the Super Bowl.

Please vote for who you think deserves the awards the most.


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