Indianapolis Colts: Bruce Arians to Use Duel Coaching Method Sunday Against Green Bay

By Eric Smith
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE
Indianapolis Colts’ Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians was promoted to interim head coach while Chuck Pagano is hospitalized for leukemia. The announcement was made on Monday as Pagano’s wish for his replacement to have Arians take over while he was out was granted. Colts CEO Jim Irsay said, “It doesn’t look like it’s in the cards” regarding Pagano’s return this season.
Many wondered with Arians moving to the head coaching role if longtime coach and former offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen would take over duties calling the plays while Arians was running the team. Arians answered that question today in his daily media availability before the team practices for the first time under his direction.
Arians said, “I’ll be calling the plays this weekend. I will get out of coaching the day I can’t call plays.”
That tells us everything we need to know. Arians said the only issue would be to get the “headsets right” and the voices in them so he has all the information that he needs. He did say though he will lean on Christensen throughout the games and preparation each week. “I lean on Clyde Christensen all the time. I gave him his first job as an assistant at Temple 30 years ago” Arians said.
He also said, “I don’t want too many assistants doing more than usual. Trying to keep business as usual as possible without Pagano.”
We will see how well this works Sunday. Arians doesn’t want to “win the game for Chuck.” He said, “Chuck wouldn’t want that pressure. He just wants us to win the game.”

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