Indianapolis Colts: Fans Will be Deciding Factor in Game with Green Bay

By Eric Smith
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The Indianapolis Colts fans are usually really good at helping the team out and being one of the best 12th men in the NFL. Peyton Manning trained the crowd right by having them be silent when the offense is on the field and extremely loud and boisterous when the defense is playing.

This weekend’s game against the Green Bay Packers will be won or lost by the crowd.

It’s not secret the Packers are better than the Colts. They simply have more weapons. But, the Colts can contend and pull out an upset win if they play hard and execute like they should. The biggest reason why they can execute and make plays falls on the shoulders of the crowd.

This game is hyped to be the biggest game in Lucas Oil Stadium this year. Normally, the schedule is packed with primetime games and  marquee opponents, but with the team doing so bad last season the Colts were slotted in the 1 P.M. time slot nearly every game. That made this game the biggest match-up to see of the season.

The Colts faithful need to come ready to stand and cheer all game long like the Seattle Seahawks fans did to the Packers in the Week 3 Monday Night Football game. The Seahawks clearly aren’t better than the Packers and really don’t have many more if any playmakers that the Colts don’t have. They stayed in that game purely because of the crowd.

For those of you that say crowd noise and participation doesn’t have a factor on games, then why is it so difficult to play on the road? Crowd noise can alter the offense on play calling and make linemen jump offsides due to not being able to hear the snap. Green Bay gave up eight sacks on Aaron Rodgers in the first half because the atmosphere was so loud and crazy the line had a hard time concentrating.

On the other end of the spectrum the crowd noise affects how the defense plays. When it’s deafening loud and the home crowd is behind you the defense plays with more energy and an intensity level they didn’t know was even there. How many times do you hear players or coaches after the game thank the fans for the energy they brought and that the team fed off that energy to play lights out?

This intensity is what the Colts fans need to bring on Sunday. No excuses to sit back and enjoy the game like it’s just another Sunday afternoon. I’m sick of hearing people in the stadium telling fans to sit down or quiet down because they can’t see or hear. This is the National Football League. A 12th man will win game for you.

I can say if Lucas Oil Stadium is loud, rowdy, and rocking on Sunday then go ahead and give the Packers the win. They’re too talented and if they’re not uncomfortable which throws them off their game, they will score at will.

It’s up to you Colts fans. You can decide this outcome of this game. I know there’s going to be a large amount of Green Bay fans in the stadium due to some bad Colts fans that gave up their tickets. It’s okay for the Colts fans attending to take that personal and cheer louder than ever before. If you have a voice on Monday morning you weren’t doing your job as a Colts fan helping this team.

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