Jake Locker Will Sit at Least One Game with Separated Shoulder

Jake Locker injury

Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

The NFL is almost into week number 5, and even though Jake Locker was named the starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, he will not start this coming Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

With a re-injured separated left shoulder Locker will sit at the very least one week. Veteran Matt Hasselbeck will step to the plate to solely take over the quarterback position. Hasselbeck has had that same injury in the past and feels bad for Locker, but knows he “needs to step up because the rest of the team is counting on (you).”

Head coach Mike Munchak was available this afternoon to talk about the condition of Locker’s shoulder but in short he made it very simple, that it has not improved at all and he remains just as sore. They are unsure of when he will be able to return, as of right now he is listed as day-to-day.

Locker stating in an interview today that he is definitely frustrated because it is never fun to just sit and watch but he is “not as comfortable this time” with the injury and getting back onto the field right away.

For those of you with Locker on your fantasy team, I can expect that this is probably going to be a two week deal. You will want to make sure you have another quarterback available. When Locker is able to return you can bet he won’t be the same right away. He can pass the ball fine; he will be more reluctant to get hit though so you won’t see him rush as much.

The entire offense is going to have to do some adjusting, as far as Hasselbeck returning, it will be a lot like last year. When Locker comes back tough, the offensive line is going to really have to provide him with a lot of protection.

The Titans are not looking good as a whole so far this season. Jake Locker had not put on too bad of a performance this season though. Chris Johnson finally got more than 100 yards but they still have a long way to go.

Even though the Titans are better at home, they should be able to get a win against the Vikings in week 5. Check back tomorrow for a week 5 preview Tennessee Titans vs. Minnesota Vikings.

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