Jason Garrett's Inconsistency Causing Problems for Dallas Cowboys

By Jeric Griffin
Jason Garrett NFL: Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys
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The Dallas Cowboys win and then they lose. Then win again and lose the very next week. This is more frustrating to the Dallas faithful than if the team would just finish each season 0-16. At least then Cowboys fans wouldn’t get their hopes up every other week and possibly avoid emotional whiplash.

Even though the Cowboys are 2-2 with a win-loss-win-loss season thus far, the team has played absolutely dreadful football since Week 1. Even in that season-opening win over the New York Giants, Dallas committed 15 penalties, including nine in the fourth quarter. In Week 2 through 4, the Cowboys have been a sloppy, pass-happy team that can’t find a rhythm. There’s a reason for that.

Since Week 1, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has thrown the ball 122 times with two touchdowns and seven interceptions. That’s almost the opposite of his 29-pass, three-touchdown, one-interception game in Week 1. In that first contest, Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray had 131 yards on 20 carries. Since then, he’s toted the ball 31 times for 104 yards. Does anyone else see a pattern here?

Sure, there were miscues by the Cowboys’ receivers in their loss to the Chicago Bears on Monday night that slightly affect these numbers, but the evidence is in the enchiladas: Jason Garrett‘s play-calling is about as consistent as the weather in East Texas.

Everyone always talks about identity in the NFL and how it’s impossible to win without it. Turns out that’s true. Dallas had an identity in Week 1; the Cowboys ran the ball effectively to set up big pass plays downfield and keep its defense off the field. Ever since then, Garrett has thrown and thrown and thrown while occasionally sprinkling in a run here and there. Apparently the Princeton grad doesn’t know this, but it’s only possible to set up the pass with the run, not the other way around.

Don’t give me that crap about “the Cowboys fell behind against the Bears, so they had to throw it.” Horse radish. Dallas only trailed the Bears by 10 with 12 minutes to play in the third quarter, yet Garrett called four straight pass plays before a ball that hit Kevin Ogletree in the hands was intercepted. If Garrett thinks that a 10-point deficit three minutes into the third quarter is the time for the two-minute offense, then he doesn’t need to coach football at any level. Anyone who thinks that belongs in an insane asylum.

The Cowboys got lucky against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after the most horrific offensive outing during the Garrett era in Week 2, so this team should be 1-3. At this point, an 8-8 season would be an accomplishment, so don’t expect anything better than a 6-10 season with Garrett’s play-calling these days. Dallas finally has formidable defense yet the Cowboys still can’t win because of an offense that is suddenly sputtering. Welcome to Dallas, folks. #JerryIsTheProblem

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