Kyle Orton Deserves to Start First Among Former Denver Broncos QBs

By Mark Stringer
Tim Heitman – US Presswire

The Denver Broncos lost all their quarterbacks from last season which include Tim Tebow, Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn. These guys all play for teams that are not getting good play from their starting QBs right now. Orton deserves a shot to start before these other guys do, but it is less likely that he gets that chance before his former teammates.

Tebow is now with the New York Jets and is behind Mark Sanchez on the depth chart. Sanchez has been struggling lately and the shouts from the fans are getting louder to get Tebow in the game. A couple more bad outings and head coach Rex Ryan will give in and let Tebow start a game or two.

Quinn plays for the Broncos’ division rivals, the Kansas City Chiefs, but is also the backup to Matt Cassel. Cassel has been struggling with his consistency and head coach Romeo Crennel has already spoken about the possibility of Quinn getting a shot.

Orton is the most deserving of a start. He’s the backup to Tony Romo for the Dallas Cowboys. He deserves a shot because he is a better passer than Tebow and Quinn and Romo has been a bigger disappointment than Cassel and Sanchez. There is a lot more expected out of Romo than the others.

Orton has a career record of 35-34 and has played on several mediocre teams. He tends to be careful with the football and tries not to lose a game for his team. Romo has been in many that he has lost for his team. With the talent that the Cowboys have, I would like to see Orton start for a game or two and see how it goes. The problem here is Jerry Jones, the owner of the team. When he is set on someone, he tends to stick with them until it is too late.

There have recently been talks that the Cowboys want to extend Romo’s contract. If it were me, I would give Orton a few games to see what he can do before I made a deal with Romo. I’m not saying that Romo won’t be the better option for the Cowboys, but I think Orton can get the team going and make Romo realize that there is someone there who might can take his place.


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