Peyton Manning or Tom Brady: The Debate NFL Style

By Evan Crum
Stew Milne-US Presswire

In honor of the Presidential Debates, I decided to bring up another debate and finally end it. When the New England Patriots play the Denver Broncos on October 7th , fans will once again get a chance to see two of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. I will end the debate once and for all and show why Brady is better than Manning.

Manning has more yards and touchdowns thrown than Brady does. Manning has 55,590 yards thrown and 407 touchdowns. Brady has 41,206 yards thrown and 307 touchdowns. Their completion percentages are eerily similar Brady at 63.9% and Manning at 64.9%. As we all know however, being a quarterback is more than just numbers.

Manning was drafted number one overall in 1998 by the Indianapolis Colts and almost immediately there was pressure thrust upon him. He was meant to save the Colts and lead them to the Super Bowl. Brady was selected #199 in the sixth round of the draft in 2000 and was just expected to compete for  a position on the depth chart.

Why do I bring both of these points up? It all has to do with expectations. Manning was expected to come in and have immediate success and lead the Colts to the Super Bowl. Brady wasn’t, he was simply a backup. When Drew Bledsoe was injured in 2001 Brady wasn’t expected to come in and lead the Patriots to the Super Bowl let alone win that Super Bowl. Yet he did just that.

I want to take a look at the head to head matchups as well. Let’s just take a look at the postseason. In 2003 it was the first time that Brady was taking on Manning for the AFC championship. All the analysts were giving the game to Manning. What happened? The Patriots beat the Colts 24-14. The Patriots then won the Super Bowl.

In 2004 Brady faced Manning again in the playoffs. Again experts doubted Brady and picked Manning too win. Well the opposite happened and Brady and the Patriots beat the Colts again to go to the Super Bowl. The Patriots then won the Super Bowl again.

Manning did get his Super Bowl ring in 2006 when the Colts beat the Chicago Bears. Manning did get to another Super Bowl, lost, and he hasn’t been back to one since.

As I said being a quarterback in the NFL has to do with more than just numbers. It has to do with wins. Brady has three Super Bowl wins and has been to five Super Bowls. Manning has one Super Bowl win and only has two Super Bowls on his resume.

I’m not saying Manning isn’t an elite and Hall of Fame quarterback because he is. Both Brady and Manning are first ballot Hall of Famer’s. Yet if I was building a team and was allowed to pick either Manning or Brady my answer would be easy. That answer would be Brady.

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