NFL Rumors: Jacksonville Jaguars Week 7 Game To Move To Monday Night?

By Joey Farbo
NFL Monday Night Football

The Jacksonville Jaguars are scheduled to travel to the west coast to play the Oakland Raiders on Oct. 21, but the recent success of the Oakland Athletics could impact when that game is played.

There are rumors that the NFL is considering moving the Jaguars game to primetime on Monday Oct. 22 to avoid a potential scheduling conflict with the MLB Playoffs.

The Raiders are the only team in the NFL who share their stadium with an MLB franchise in the Coliseum.

Now that the A’s have clinched a playoff berth and could potentially win the American League West on Wednesday night with a win over the Texas Rangers, there is a scenario in which the A’s could be playing Game 7 of the American League Championship Series at home on the Sunday the Jaguars and Raiders are scheduled to play.

The only way these scenarios become possible is if the A’s beat the Rangers tonight to win the AL West.

The logistics for the NFL to move a game from a Sunday afternoon to a Monday night would demand that they make a decision on moving the game sooner if there is a chance there could be a conflict. If the league waits to make a decision after these scenarios have been achieved, it could be too late to switch the game to Monday night.

The NFL has already scheduled for the Chicago Bears to host the Detroit Lions on Oct. 22, and if the Jaguars and Raiders game is moved, they would likely package a Monday night doubleheader similar to what they have recently done in Week 1 of the regular season.

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