Joe Theismann Doesn't Think Much Of Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo

By Ben Grimaldi
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Memo to Joe Theismann: no one cares what you think! What’s the matter Joe, you missing the limelight after getting fired, yet again, this time from the NFL Network?

In case you missed it, after Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys‘ performance on Monday night, Theismann has this to say.

“Soon or later we have to come to the realization that Tony isn’t a very good quarterback,” Theismann told Brady & Lang on Sportsnet 590 The Fan Tuesday. “He throws interceptions that (make) you shake your head. If it’s all the wide receivers’ fault then maybe he should get some new wide receivers, or they need to come up with some new route combinations that guys can understand.”

He wasn’t finished.

“Just because he wears a star on his helmet — we all think that people who are Dallas Cowboys, ‘ooh they’re wonderful and ooh they’re terrific, ooh they’re the next Roger Staubach’ or whatever the heck they want to say. They’re full of bologna.”

There’s more.

“Somebody has to say it so I just did. He should be a lot better, or the reputation he’s carried should have him play a lot better.”

I find it very interesting that Theismann kept bringing up the Cowboys and then he hit everyone with the “somebody has to say it, so I just did” line. It seems pretty clear that Theismann is craving attention by targeting Romo, the Cowboys and being the lone wolf because “somebody has to say it.”

If no one wants to say it Joe, I will, your career is done and no one cares what you have to say. You are jealous the Washington Redskins have been an afterthought for the past 15 years and that you cannot hack it as an announcer. No one wants to hear what you have to say about your rival team. Nice try, though, trying to get headlines for people to bring up your name.

Or maybe you’re jealous that Romo has already made more Pro Bowls than you and almost has as many touchdown passes as you (160-154) in half the time. Joe, we know you won a Super Bowl, but Romo’s career isn’t over yet so that argument is a tad premature. You were also playing behind one of the best offensive lines in the history of the NFL–they were nicknamed “The Hogs”–while Romo is playing behind a bunch of piglets.

Yes, Romo had a bad game against the Chicago Bears, but it happens. Peyton Manning, John Elway and Tom Brady have had bad games, maybe even you had one in your career. I get it, Joe, you don’t think Romo’s a good quarterback and you’ve let it be known. You’ve let it be known so loud it screams for attention. Be honest, Joe, that’s all you want. You are trying to be different to get your name back out there. Congrats, you had your day on Tuesday, people brought you up briefly. Now go away again, no one cares about you: it was more about the Cowboys and Romo than it was about you anyway.

Where’s Lawrence Taylor when you need him?

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