Chicago Bears: New Favorites in the NFC North?

By silverfox

The Chicago Bears are currently sitting pretty at 3-1 and are tied with the Minnesota Vikings for first place in the NFC North. I am pretty sure everyone out there did not see this one coming. The Vikings having a better record than both the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers. This is my shocked face.

However, I am not overly surprised about the Bears.While I never really expected much out of the Lions I basically forecasted the Bears to be near the top of the division. I didn’t really see it being this tumultuous but hey, a wins a win. Am I right?

With the Bears tied for first, it begs the question, are the Bears the new favorites to win the NFC North? In order to answer that, there are a few issues that need to be addressed.

Obviously, to start the season, the Packers were the favorites to run away with the division. But after a rather embarrassing loss to the San Francisco 49ers, a tough ruling against the Seattle Seahawks and a tight win over the New Orleans Saints, things are not looking so great for the Packers.

But before I go ahead and crown the Bears the best in the NFC North, you have to remember the way the Bears won their games. Their first game against the Indianapolis Colts was more like beating up your little brother. Then they ran their mouth and got smoked by the Packers. A tough-to-watch victory over the St. Louis Rams really had me questioning what kind of Bears team the city of Chicago was looking at. However, a solid showing against the league’s best defense in the Dallas Cowboys has given this writer a little more hope.

Up until the victory over the Cowboys, I thought this Bears team was going to be rather mediocre. But after that offensive explosion in Dallas, I am pretty close to changing my tune. In order to fully be on board though I will need to see the Bears string together a couple strong wins.

Also, one needs to look at the strength of schedule. At first, I thought the Packers had the harder schedule thus far but then I thought about how bad the Saints have been playing and the Seahawks not being really all that great. Granted, neither of these teams is as bad as the Rams or the Colts, but I wouldn’t take so much of a reach as to say the Packer’s schedule has been a whole lot more tougher than the Bears’.

However, the elephant in the room is that the Packers beat the Bears. There is really no getting around this issue at this point in the season. Until the Bears can top the Packers, I cannot crown them the top dog in the division. As of right now, the Bears are playing some sound football while the Packers are struggling, so the possibility of the Bears being NFC North champions in January is quite real.

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