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Comments from New York Giants Defensive Lineman Echoing Team Sentiments


The New York Giants are 2-2 and coming off a loss where stupid mistakes and dumb penalties cost them a chance at victory over their hated rival, the Philadelphia Eagles. Fans, media and analysts alike have been dumping on the Giants this week for their poor effort in the fourth quarter Sunday night, and the sky seems to be falling with all the injury news from the practice reports. These latest comments from Justin Tuck and Jason Pierre-Paul are not helping the situation.

Tuck, the defensive captain, has been held without a sack for the first four games of the season. He’s been getting pressure, but the numbers are just not there. JPP has 1.5 sacks, but he’s been mostly held in check as well. Teams are keying in on these guys by leaving extra players in to block on pass plays. It has to be frustrating for them as they are used to piling up the sacks. It doesn’t help that the secondary is decimated by injury and the coverage has been weak at times.

JPP claims he and his teammates are not having fun on the field anymore.

“I’m not having that fun I’m used to. I don’t have that energy like I had last year. And that goes for the other guys, too. You can see it in their eyes that they’re not having fun with the game. They got to find [themselves] and I got to find myself so I’m just looking to find myself.”

Well, that’s the last thing anyone wanted to hear, fan or coach. Coming off a bad loss and a slow start to the season for this defensive line, you’d like to hear them say they’ve put the struggles behind them. Clearly they are upset with themselves, but no one wants to see professional athletes throw a pity party. Tuck added to the festivities.

“Let me just say this, I’m not having that much fun, either. When I find out the cause of why I’m not having as much fun, I’ll let you know,” Tuck said. “I suck. That’s what I’m going to go back to. Yeah, I suck.”

There is no reason for either of these comments, but I suppose the frustration got to be too much and they flew off the handle. It still does not excuse them. You’re the defending Super Bowl champions; have some pride.

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