James Jones Must Take Advantage of More Playing Time

By Kevin Van Pelt


There has only been one player that Aaron Rodgers has publicly come out to the Green Bay Packers for the team to re-sign and that player is James Jones. Drafted in 2007, Jones has had a solid career with the Packers, but has never broken out as a top wide receiver. With Rodgers telling the organization they needed to re-sign him shows how much potential the MVP believes he has.

Now with the groin injury to the Packers’ number one receiver Greg Jennings, Jones is expected to see a lot more playing time. In the last game against the New Orleans Saints, Jones had five catches, two of which for touchdowns, along with 56 yards.

He stepped up big in a big game for the Packers which should help head coach Mike McCarthy have more faith in him. Perhaps the biggest play Jones made was at the end of the game where he sealed the game with a remarkable first down catch that enabled the Packers to run out the clock. There was pass interference on the play as well, but that was a big catch for Jones who has unnecessarily gotten a bad reputation for dropping passes.

“Thank God,” Jones said after the game. “The Lord was with me. I saw the ball thrown inside and I stuck one hand down there. Sometimes you get lucky in football, and that’s what that was. I caught it under his elbow on the other side of his body and pulled it in. The biggest thing about it is that it was a first down. We could run the clock out and get out of there with a victory.”

Jones already has the trust of Rodgers and with a full week of practice preparing without Jennings, Jones will need to make the most of this opportunity. He has the talent to get the job done, but he needs to be able to put together consistent performances.

He seems to be a streaky player who can hurt opposing defenses at times, but also can make crucial mistakes at inopportune times. With the Packers offense still struggling, against defenses that aren’t the Saints, it will be a huge help to the team if Jones can become a consistent play maker for the Packers.

This is Jones’ sixth season in the league and is coming into the prime of his career. He is not a name that many Packer fans give high praises too, but after the next couple of weeks, Jones might be making a big name for himself as an individual and for the organization.

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