My Thoughts About Kyle Williams Getting Fined 15K for Hit on Tom Brady

Williams, Kyle 2

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

Yesterday, Buffalo Bills defensive end Kyle Williams was fined fifteen thousand dollars for a low hit on Tom Brady by the NFL, that Kyle was flagged for. There has been much talk about this, and people have been going on and on about oh it’s because it’s Tom Brady, and the NFL protects him.

While that maybe true to an extent. However,  Williams did get flagged for his hit as a personal foul, granted it wasn’t a hard hit, hence the protecting Tom Brady and then some other comments I can’t repeat on here come out of the wood work from strangers and friends alike.

My comment to most of them, is that it was the right call on the field, like it  or not, it’s in the rules. I’ve also had a personal history with knee problems and subsequently had two knee rebuilds, so I feel Tom’s pain. Also if you have a problem with it what a team could do is have a linebacker on a full blitz and drop a shoulder square into his chest.  That way it’s a clean and extremely hard hit and then the NFL can’t fine him, nor the referees could flag him for the hit, but that’s my two cents.

Once again thank you again for reading, this I know is a controversial call but I would love to discuss it on here more by leaving a comment, as well as hitting me up on twitter. I hope you all have a great day.

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