NFL Rumors: Does Steven Jackson Make Sense for the Denver Broncos?

By Joe Morrone


Running back, Steven Jackson of the Saint Louis Rams will be a free agent after the 2012 season.  Jackson is a talented player who has been on some bad teams during his time with the Rams. Now all teams, including the Denver Broncos, have to ask themselves is it worth going after Jackson?

The simple answer for the Broncos is yes just based on pure talent. As good as Willis McGahee has been for the Broncos, Jackson would be an upgrade and would be the perfect complement to Peyton Manning. When the Broncos signed Manning, they were instantly transformed into a win now team and Jackson would make a very good offense even better. If it was simply a matter of talent and making the team better, then yes it makes sense for the Broncos to go after Jackson in free agency. Especially when you consider that McGahee is a free agent himself following this season, but there are more things to consider then just talent.

Jackson is not a young back anymore and has a history of nagging injuries. Running backs in the NFL tend to drop off quickly, often without warning and that makes signing a player like Jackson risky. He is going to want a multi-year deal for a lot of guaranteed money, and for that reason the Broncos should stay away. They drafted Ronnie Hillman this past April and believe he will be the every down back within a season or two. The Broncos also have more pressing needs and signing Jackson would severely limit what they could do to upgrade at other positions.

Jackson is a great player who will help any team that signs him, but he does not make sense for the Denver Broncos at this time.

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