Tennessee Titans Practice Report: Linebacker Colin McCarthy to Return in Week 5

By Stephanie Umek
Colin McCarthy
Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

For the first time in four weeks, linebacker Colin McCarthy will return to the football field in full force for the Tennessee Titans after spraining his ankle in the season opener against the New England Patriots.

McCarthy was able to practice throughout this entire week and stated that he is “good to go”. While he was sitting on the sidelines though, he was able to make many observations watching the defense. As captain of the defense, he was able to still be part of the game even though he wasn’t playing.

Many players make the horrific mistake of trying to come back too early, and end up re-injuring an injury. Maybe if Jake Locker had taken a week off earlier in the season after separating his shoulder the first time, he wouldn’t have re-injured it last week against the Houston Texans.

McCarthy was able to comment on Wednesday about him returning to the field. “My idea was to get out there when I’m ready to play because I don’t want to be limited. I don’t want to be worried about my ankle at all. Today was a good step of getting back out with the guys, continuing to work and put some time in.”

Mike Munchak knows that McCarthy is a difference maker when it comes to the defense, but after returning from an injury, any injury; it takes a game or two to get back into your normal routine. Munchak said yesterday that he hopes McCarthy can jump right back into being himself again because there are many things that the team has missed by not having him play.

Scott Solomon is also expected to return to practice tomorrow. The rookie defensive end has been out for a few weeks, but having him back will also help the defense get on the right track against the Minnesota Vikings.

Things the Titans need to work on the most? Their defense, which is no new surprise, and injuries; if a team can’t stay healthy then clearly it makes it harder to win games.

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