The five biggest disappointments of the Oakland Raiders’ season

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The five biggest disappointments of the Oakland Raiders

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Lost amidst the Oakland Raiders’ bad season are the bright spots, but that was discussed Wednesday. We now focus on what has gone wrong during this 1-3 start to the 2012 season.

This list has a mixture of players and units which have significantly underperformed this season. Surprisingly, there are not many people that fall into this category, but a lot of units show up. Football is a team game and it is unfair to punish one player for the mistakes of an entire unit.

As a whole, the defense has been porous and has really let the team down. Even in their win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Raiders’ defense was terrible. There have been issues in the pass defense concerning injuries, but that cannot be an excuse for any NFL team.

The running game could not be much worse considering Oakland is ranked dead last in the NFL in rushing yards per game. The passing game has been decent, but the Raiders must find new targets.

Even though Oakland has a bye week this week, there has to be a lot of soul searching on this team. A lot of players have underperformed this season and some players could be even better than how they’ve played so far. The Raiders as a whole need to feel refreshed and the five names on this list must improve if Oakland wants to climb back into the picture.

Stay tuned on Friday for the biggest unanswered questions about the Raiders then tune back in Sunday for a rundown of AFC West action and what it all means for Oakland.

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5. Miles Burris


The linebackers have been one of the best units on the Oakland defense. However, Burris has underperformed compared to his counterparts. His 14 tackles put him behind five defensive backs on the Raiders. Burris needs to elevate his game and take some of the pressure off the secondary to make tackles.

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4. Defensive Tackles

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This is a group every Raiders fan assumed would be as solid as any other position group on the team. However after four games, 20 combined tackles is not good enough. Richard Seymour and Tommy Kelly must step up their game to help plug the leak in the run defense and help put pressure on the passer if Oakland is going to turn this season around.

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3. Wide Receivers

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There is no doubt injuries have affected this unit this season. Losing Jacoby Ford before the season was a dagger, but losing Darrius Heyward-Bey for an indefinite amount of time is devastating. The pressure rests on Denarius Moore and Derek Hagan to pick up the slack and give Carson Palmer some targets down the field.

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2. Cornerbacks


This should probably be the pass defense as a whole, but the cornerbacks have been dreadful. Yes, injuries have affected this position as well, but the issues occured even when the starters were playing. Oakland is giving up too many yards through the air so Pat Lee and Joselio Hanson must step up and make a difference on the defense.

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1. Darren McFadden


When a team is struggling like Oakland is at the moment, it must be able to rely on its stars to pick the team up. McFadden has failed miserably in this task. He is averaging only 50 yards per game, despite gaining 3.5 yards per carry. He cannot have just one game with more than 100 yards and unless the running game improves it will be a long season in the Bay Area.

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