Two Defensive Players Sign Deals for Detroit Lions Practice Squad

By Tina Musial

Jimmy Saddler-McQueen, an undrafted player from 2010, was signed to the Detroit Lions practice squad this week. Saddler-McQueen plays defensive tackle and was released by the Houston Texans earlier this season. Lorenzo Washington, also a defensive tackle, was cut from the Lions in order to make room for him.

There was one open spot on the practice squad since Ricardo Silva was called up to play safety in last Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings. His spot was filled by Lionel Smith. Smith was released from the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit decided to utilize him while they seek ways to bolster their defense. Smith played cornerback at Texas A & M and was signed by the Cowboys, but they cut him from their roster before the season started.

Are the additional defensive players a smart idea for the Lions, who also need some help on the offensive side of the ball right now? Fans could argue both ways, since there seems to be weaknesses in all areas of the Lions: offense, defense and special teams. Players can’t be added for every position though. They need to do they job they were hired to do in the first place.

Some of the big players – or the players who get big salaries – need to get back in to the game and play to their potential. Several key players, Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford included, aren’t playing to their abilities for one reason or another.

Even though the bye week comes early in the season for the Lions, it is good timing. They can take an extra week to regroup and get a restart on the season. It will allow them to get back on track,  so they can start making tackles, catching passes, running the ball, and scoring more points like they did last year when they were playing so well.


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