Bears vs. Jaguars NFL Week 5 Preview

By silverfox
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The Chicago Bears are escaping the mid-fall weather and heading south to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday. The game is slated to kickoff at 4:05 PM (EST) which is great because that means I will be able to grab one last round on the links before the snow kicks in. Although, if I were to miss a game this season, this would definitely be the one. Don’t get me wrong, this has “Not-So-Shocking Bears Loss” written all over it, but I think they will hold that title until they take on the Tennessee Titans later this season.

This is a game that can go one of three ways:

1) The Bears walk into Jacksonville and just go beast mode all over the Jaguars. And when I say beast mode, I mean they should probably buy the Jaguars team some dinner afterwords. Jay Cutler goes off throwing 3 TDs for over 300 yards and only gets into 3 fights on the sidelines. But let’s be honest, it will realistically be more like 4 fights. Gotta give the papers something to write about.

There is a solid chance of this scenario playing out. The Bears possess an elite defense and an offense that can torch opposing teams. It really comes down to the offense showing up and putting on a spectacle. However, the Bears have a history of playing down to opposing teams.

2) Which means this game can turn into a St. Louis Rams matchup all over again. A game that is incredibly boring due to 2 anemic offenses that just can’t get any momentum going. I have no doubt Blaine Gabbart and the Jaguars’ offense will be struggling but it remains to be seen how the Bears’ offense will react.

3) The Bears could walk into Jacksonville and totally lay an egg. It has happened before. We have all seen it. And even if you aren’t willing to admit it, you know it is in the back of your head.

As I stated earlier, the Bears make it a habit to play down to their opponent’s level. And the level doesn’t get much lower than the Jaguars.

Of course the Bears are the better team heading into Sunday but they cannot expect to win. Lovie Smith, Mike Tice and Rod Marinelli all run a fairly tight ship so I can’t really see a goose egg happening. Of course, every time I get high on the Bears, something awful happens. So instead of making a prediction, I am going to keep my mouth shut.

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