Denver Broncos: DJ Williams Suspended Three More Games

By Joe Morrone

There’s an old saying that says out of sight, out of mind and DJ Williams is running a serious risk of everyone forgetting about him. The Denver Broncos linebacker is all ready serving a six-game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy; found out on Friday that the NFL has added three more games to his suspension. The additional three games are for a DWAI conviction back in August, and means Williams will not be available to the Broncos until the middle of November.

Williams is a very good player but by the time he returns, the Broncos will be preparing for their tenth game of the season and how effective is he going to be right away? The odds are it’s going to take Williams at least a couple of weeks to get back into football shape, and by that time the Broncos will be preparing for the playoff push. Adding a player, even one as talented as Williams, at that point in the season is a risk.

The team has formed its identity through the first twelve games of the season and messing with the chemistry may not be a good idea. In addition the defense for the Broncos appears to be getting better each and every week, so again do the coaches really want to bench players that have been working all season?

These are all questions that the Denver Broncos will have to answer after game number nine but until then, Williams had better hope that people remember his name.

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