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It’s Tough Being A Dallas Cowboys Player, Or Fan

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You would think the Dallas Cowboys bye week would be a slow one for the team and their fans but in case we’ve all forgotten, there is nothing like kicking the Cowboys when they’re down.

Here’s what I’ve learned this week about the Cowboys, while their fans show a great amount of support (sometimes to the point of being delusional), there might be just as much criticism as there is praise for the franchise. It started late Monday night after the Cowboys lost to the Chicago Bears and has continued through to today. Twenty-four hour rule? Not in Dallas.

The first to criticize was Joe Theismann and his diagnosis of a team he’s never liked, but it was also many of the NFL writers across the country. It’s now spilled into the Cowboys community where former Cowboys great, wide receiver Drew Pearson talked about Dez Bryant’s game to the Midland Reporter-Telegram “He’s not living up to the expectations that were placed on him by wearing that number, (88). Drew Pearson took it to the Ring of Honor level and Michael Irvin took it way beyond that to the Hall of Fame level.”

Talk about kicking a team, or player, when they’re down. Pearson is right about the level of play from Dez right now but it seems to me the level of frustration with the Cowboys continues to hit new highs every week.

This is the best time to be a Dallas Cowboys hater, when the team has recently lost or has had a tough stretch. The Cowboys are currently in a “tough stretch” that has lasted at least three seasons, maybe longer, depending on what your perception of being a “good” team is. These are tough times, no doubt.

It’s bad for fans but can you imagine being a player for the Cowboys? Can you imagine being Tony Romo, who is going to be the best statistical quarterback in the history of the franchise and has one of the best passer ratings in the history of the game, only to be crushed for every little thing you do wrong? It’s Super Bowl or bust every single year. This just in, it’s hard winning a Super Bowl, ask the Philadelphia Eagles and their trophy case! Maybe now we know why Sean Payton doesn’t want to coach here.

Here’s the thing though, when the Cowboys are winning, is there anyone better to root for? It’s the ultimate revenge, and middle finger, against everyone. You can wear your Dallas Cowboys gear everywhere you go!

It takes guts to root for the Cowboys, people always want to call you a bandwagon jumper and claim you just came around in the early 1990′s when they were winning. Who cares if you did, those days are long gone and the Cowboys haven’t won much over the past 15 years so you are now officially a fan, fighting with all the rest of what twitter likes to call #Cowboysnation. And we’re just backing our team.

Things aren’t great right now, we all know that, but things could be much worse, right Cleveland? I’m not picking on any team (maybe I was with Philly), but the point must be made, Cowboys fans are lucky, we’ve seen them win Super Bowls. Not all teams can say that.

I know it’s about the here and now, you don’t have to tell me that. What I have to tell you, Cowboys fans, is that we have to be strong enough to accept what’s happening with the team now. It’s not what we hoped for before the year began but the football season is a long one, hang in there. It may not happen this year but the Cowboys will win again and think of how good it’ll feel when they do! When they win there’s no better team to root for, to answer an earlier question.

Be proud to be a Dallas Cowboys fan! Stand tall in the face of adversity and if all else fails, thank your lucky stars that you’re not an Eagles fan.

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