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Matt Schaub should attack New York Jets Secondary

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Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

In the Houston Texans match-up this week against the New York Jets, one of the leagues elite cornerbacks will be on the field. Some may quickly remind me of the injury to Darrelle Revis and point out my mistake. Of course I am not speaking of the injured Revis, I am referring to Texans corner Johnathan Joseph, who has cemented himself as an elite player at his position. He should make it a frustrating day for Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

However, the injury to Revis and the impact this will have on the game is what I would like to discuss. Revis is considered by many to be the top cover corner in the league, and his absence is a huge blow to the Jets defense.

Without Revis the top corner on the team will be Antonio Cromartie, who is talented but gambles for the big play too often, and at times struggles with, or doesn’t try to make tackles. Most likely Cromartie will be matched up against Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson. This is a match-up that Texans quarterback Matt Schaub must be ecstatic about. Johnson should have much more success against Cromartie than he would have against Revis.

Also with Revis out, young corner Kyle Wilson will start in his place. This will be a huge drop off in talent and should open things up for the other Texan wide receivers. This gives a chance for Kevin Walter, Keshawn Martin, or DeVier Posey to make an impact. If Schaub is able to hit a few intermediate and deep passes early this will push the safeties back and open up the running lanes for Arian Foster.

I believe that Houston will be able to take advantage of the Revis injury and will be able to set up the run by establishing the pass early. Look for big numbers from Schaub this week.

Joe Serenka, Houston Texans Blogger, follow him on Twitter @Texansblogster

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