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NFL Rumors: The Arizona Cardinals need to stay away from RB Steven Jackson

Steven Jackson St. Louis Rams


Earlier in the week it was announced that the St. Louis Rams and Steven Jackson negotiated an “out” in his contract. The “out” would allow Jackson to leave on his own terms if the Rams decide to go in another direction after the 2012 season. There are many rumors swirling around he NFL about where Jackson will end up if he were to leave following this season. If he does leave the Arizona Cardinals need to stay away from him and believe it or not this has nothing to do with Emmitt Smith or Edgerrin James.

If you have watched the Cardinals this year you would know that their struggle to run the ball has nothing to do with Ryan Williams starting or Beanie Wells on IR because of turf toe. The Cardinals running problems start and end with the offensive line, and Bobby Massie and D’Anthony Batiste’s inability to not play 3 yards in the backfield on every play.

So, instead of spending up to 10 million dollars on a running back with almost 10,000 of the hardest yards you can run, why not spend that money and go after a free agent offensive linemen? While the Cardinals are at it draft an offensive linemen in the first round and also get a new offensive line coach. The Cardinals defense is too good to be wasted because the offensive line gives up 8 sacks to the Miami Dolphins and 9 sacks to the Rams. As a team it almost impossible to overcome those numbers, but yet the Cardinals are still 1-1 in the past two games.

No matter what happens this season the Cardinals need to just say “no” to Steven Jackson.