Tennessee Titans vs Minnesota Vikings Week 5 Preview

By Stephanie Umek
Matt Hasselbeck Week 4 2012

With only one win under their belts in the 2012 season, the Tennessee Titans are desperate for number two. The biggest question though is, can they do it with all the injuries that are happening?

They will travel to the home of the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday for a game that even after week one, I would have said they could take no problem. The Vikings and Titans are evenly matched. The question that remains is, can Titans quarterback Jake Locker keep up with the opposing quarterback in Christian Ponder.

In week number 5, it’s going to be a battle between running backs. Titans’ Chris Johnson was finally able to grab more than 100 yards last week and looks like he may be turning it around a bit. But he will be up against Adrian Peterson, a guy who has over 300 yards rushing this season.

As far as total yards per game, the teams are pretty evenly matched. It might actually be a blessing in disguise that Matt Hasselbeck will be starting. With the team in a hole already in week four, it’s not a bad idea to get a guy in the game with more experience. He will be able to connect with not only Johnson but also Nate Washington, who has been quiet but has had a pretty good year so far.

It also worries me about the Kenny Britt/Kendall Wright situation. It is looking like Britt may end up sitting another week due to an injured ankle, and Wright had a terrible outing last week against the Houston Texans.

When it comes to the Vikings, they haven’t had a bad year at all. Entering week number 5 they are 3-1 and are tied with the Chicago Bears with the lead in the NFC North. Their only loss was to the Indianapolis Colts, and it was only by a field goal.

The Titans are going to have a tough time trying to contain both Peterson and Percy Harvin. If those two are shut out early and often it’s going to be yet another ugly showing for Tennessee.

Steve Hutchinson will also be making his first appearance in Minnesota as a Titan as he returns to his old stomping grounds. He has had a decent year as a huge part of the Titans’ veteran offensive line.

Hasselbeck will start this one for the Titans, having not played a whole lot in the regular season, being the backup quarterback. Jake Locker is going to miss this week, and I would expect him to miss the Thursday game against the Pittsburg Steelers too.

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