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Keys to the Game: The New York Jets Must Stop the Houston Texans Rushing Attack

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Arian Foster Houston Texans vs New York Jets

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Monday night, the New York Jets have a monumental task ahead of them, when they host the undefeated Houston Texans at MetLife Stadium.

For the Jets to score a potential upset, they’ll need to bring their A+ game against a Texans team that can certainly call themselves a contender for best team in the NFL.

This week I’ll lay out three keys to the game for the Jets, as they attempt to rebound from an absolute undressing last week to try to get back over the .500 mark on the year.

The first key to the game will be stopping the Texans’ potent rushing attack led by All-Pro running back Arian Foster (above) and Ben Tate. Both of them have excelled in Houston’s well-executed zone blocking scheme.

Foster has made the Pro Bowl and the All-Pro team in each of the past two seasons, and Tate has shown that he’s more than capable of being a starting running back on many other teams.

The Texans have compiled a deep, talented roster nearly everywhere on the field, even getting high-level production from undrafted signees like Foster, who went from unknown to household name in no time.

For the Jets to slow down that Texans rushing attack, they’ll have to play disciplined in their front seven, with strict gap discipline against this powerful Texans’ offensive line that has perfected the art of zone blocking.

In Houston’s offensive scheme, Foster and Tate go through their reads and pick a lane to cut-back into, which helps keep the defense off-balance as they must defend everywhere until the running back commits to a hole.

The Jets have been wildly inconsistent in their run defense this year, and if they let Foster and Tate run all over them, the game won’t be close. It may not be the only threat they’ll have to stop, but it may be the primary threat.


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