Keys to the Game: Antonio Cromartie Must Do His Best Darrelle Revis Impersonation

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Andre Johnson Houston Texans vs New York Jets
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Entering their Week 5 clash, the New York Jets and the Houston Texans could not be going in more opposite directions.

The 4-0 Texans are on top of the football world, with Super Bowl XLVII in their sights, and they’ll be more than ready to take on the Jets Monday night, a team they’ve never beaten in franchise history.

For the Jets to keep that streak alive, they will need to play with the intensity of a playoff game, and even their best efforts may not be enough against a team like Houston that is supremely talented up and down the roster.

I already wrote about the first key to the game for the Jets, shutting down the potent Texans running game.

Even if the Jets somehow find a way to do that, there’s still the matter of squaring off with the supremely talented Andre Johnson (above), who for his sake will be thrilled to not see #24, Darrelle Revis, on the other side.

When the Jets and Texans played each other in 2009 and 2010, Revis made Johnson a non-factor, as Johnson only had a total of two catches combined on plays with Revis shadowing him one-on-one in those two games.

With Revis out for the year with a knee injury, Antonio Cromartie is now the top guy in the Jets’ secondary, and he’ll likely be the guy matched up with Johnson for most of the game.

Cromartie has been fantastic this season, allowing just nine total receptions in the Jets’ first four games, and he’s been studying film of Revis’s battles with Johnson this week to get an idea of how to defend him.

“Playing against bigger receivers, it matches up very well for me,” Cromartie said. “I can use my length and things like that. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Of course, the Texans’ passing offense goes beyond just Andre Johnson. But if the Jets can’t stop the All-Pro wideout from making big plays down the field, they’ll have an awfully tough time keeping it close on Monday.


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