Ryan Fitzpatrick: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

By Scott DelleFave
Fitzpatrick, Ryan 4
Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has been raked over the coals by fellow Bills fans, especially after the New England Patriots game, I don’t think it’s totally justified  since he has done some good things this season as well.  I called this article The Good, The Bad and The Ugly because I will talk about what he has done in the first four games of this season.

The Good: Ryan Fitzpatrick leads the NFL with twelve touchdown passes. In the two wins versus the Cleveland Browns and Kansas City Chiefs he didn’t throw a single interception.  He has also run the ball for 66 yards, running when it seems like he needs to, unlike some quarterbacks that just take off at will.

The Bad: Ryan’s Mechanics look like they have taken a few steps back under new quarterback coach David Lee. A huge step back is the fact that Ryan does not throw a pass where a receiver can catch it in stride.  Another bad thing is that I personally have never seen a quarterback change from so hot to so cold so fast in the league’s history. He is also tied with for 22nd in the league with New Orleans Saints star quarterback Drew Brees with a 57.6 completion percentage.

The Ugly: In four games this season, Ryan has thrown seven interceptions and has one fumble that have resulted in 31 points, for division opponent,s no less. One of those interceptions was thrown right to New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie and one of the easiest pick sixes occurred in NFL history.

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