Tennessee Titans Defensive Coordinator Jerry Grey under review for ‘Gator Truck’ comments

By Stephanie Umek
Tennessee Titans Defense

The past few weeks defensive coordinator Jerry Gray has been doing all he can to get the Tennessee Titans to buff up a bit more. But some comments that he has made in the last week are currently being reviewed by the NFL, especially with all of the bounty issues in the off season with the New Orleans Saints.

Greg Aiello is the Senior Vice President of Communications for the NFL and he stated yesterday that, Gray’s choice of words was “pretty bad” and that the comments were under further review. But he declined to comment any more. The exact comments from Gray were:

“If you’re worried about that, you are not going to go out and try and blow the guy up. Great football players have to put that out of their mind. You have to say, ‘This is my territory between the number, and if you throw the football you better bring the Gator truck.’ And that’s how you have to play. You can’t play timid in the NFL.” -Jerry Gray

Like many other people, I can see both sides of this argument, following the Titans like I do I see the frustration in Gray’s mind that his defense is playing poorly. In fact they are playing so poorly, they are ranked 31st in the league in yards allowed and last (32nd) in points allowed. Points allowed so far for Tennessee has average over 30 each game.

His did end up apologizing to the public. He was talking to ESPN’s Ed Werder and his apology was, “This is football, but my choice of words under the circumstances was probably bad. If I could take that part of it back, I would. I don’t want guys thinking about injuring people and, when you say ‘Gator truck’ that’s probably what comes up. I just want our guys to be tougher.”

Many things are taken out of context, this I believe was one of those things, Yes, I know he said gater truck but I think that was only to get the guys on defense to start kicking it into high gear. It has to be frustrating for a guy to coach a defense that doesn’t execute like they should. The “Gator Truck” comment I don’t feel was said to go out and hurt someone, I think they just need to play harder.

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