Denver Broncos: Linebackers Continue to Struggle

By Joe Morrone


The time has come for the Denver Broncos to address to linebacker position; although there’s not much they can do until the off-season. What everyone believed to be the weak point of the defense has been exactly that and the New England Patriots exposed that weakness on Sunday.

The defense as a whole for the Broncos did not play well at all on Sunday, but the linebackers are just getting eaten alive. They can’t stop the run and they cannot cover anyone. The Patriots ran the ball at will and Brady threw underneath to anyone he wanted to, Wes Welker had a field day with the linebackers of the Broncos.

Joe Mays is a great team guy but it is time to get him off of the field and play Keith Brooking. It was only the Oakland Raiders but the defense played better and looked more coordinated when Brooking was at the middle linebacker spot. In addition to Brooking, it’s time to see what the rookie Danny Trevathan can do. Trevathan is athletic and fast, two things that the Broncos are missing from the linebackers. At this point, what do they have to lose?

There is plenty of blame to go around for the whole defense and no one is excusing the play of the defensive line or secondary but the linebackers have been terrible all season.

The Denver Broncos lost on Sunday because they are not ready to compete with the NFL elite, but until the play of the linebackers improve then the defense is going to continue to get shredded.

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