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NFL Houston Texans

Houston Texans ready for Monday night exposure


It is the big stage, all eyes are on you, for better or for worse Monday night football is national exposure. When a team is struggling Monday night is a disaster, a big announcement to the country that they are not Super Bowl contenders. For the contenders this is your chance to let the country know you are a force to be reckoned with. The Houston Texans enter their week five Monday night match up with the New York Jets a perfect 4-0 and have looked strong in each of their wins.

Coming into this season Houston has been considered an up and coming team for years. Each year analysts say “watch out for that Texans team, they could make some noise this year.” Last year Houston made strides in the department by making the playoffs and advancing beyond the opening round. This year is the next step to the accomplishments of 2011 with a team that is even better. 2011 was a team that survived adversity to make the playoffs with injuries to their quarterback, running back, wide receiver and rush linebacker. That team gutted out wins at the end of the year relying on third string quarterback T.J. Yates.

2012 is a different type of team and season for the Texans. This year the pieces are in place to make a serious run at a Super Bowl title. Teams say that they only think about one game at a time and that they treat each game with equal importance. However, a Monday night appearance by a Super Bowl contender is something bigger. This is the first glance that nation will have as a whole of the Texans. This is the first step to creating a legend.

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