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Indianapolis Colts: Three Keys to a Victory Against the Packers

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Indianapolis Colts: Three Keys to a Victory Against the Packers

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The Indianapolis Colts are coming off a very tough bye week after finding out about the news that their new head coach, Chuck Pagano, would be out for the rest of the season after being diagnosed with the cancer called leukemia.

Though it is treatable, Pagano will have to go through chemotherapy and will be in a hospital room for about the next six-to-eight weeks. With that, offensive coordinator Bruce Arians takes over at head coaching duties.

With this happening, it’s a big blow to the team. It’s a new squad going into a new direction. It’s sad for many players to hear, as most are very close to the coach, such as wide receiver Reggie Wayne, who says he has known Pagano since his playing days back in college at Miami, which was 16 years ago.

The Colts enter a tough match-up for Sunday, as they will be facing the Green Bay Packers. Though the Packers are 2-2, they should not be messed with. They have come off of some tough losses, but so far, they have shown no mercy right now.

Green Bay is looking to dominate, led by their strong offense that is operated by quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The Packers are dangerous squad and they are going to be hard to stop. Can the Colts do it?

If it were a normal game, I would go out and say that the Colts would easily lose this match-up. However, they are in for a different kind of fight. A fight for their coach, Mr. Pagano. They are looking to go #ChuckStrong in this game, and I expect a good fight from this team.

In order to win, here are three keys I see for them to making this upset come true.

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Get the Offense Going Early

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With a fast scoring offense as the Packers have, scoring quickly will be a major factor towards winning for the Colts. However, it all comes down to the offensive line. The Packers defense is pretty scary, and if they can't hold up for at least three-to-four seconds, it's going to be a long day for Andrew Luck.

Getting the offense going early can go a long way for the Colts in this one. Luck still has Wayne and rookie tight end Coby Fleener has so far been pretty impressive this season. T.Y. Hilton and Donnie Avery have also shown some strides in some of the games this season. Getting everyone involved can help out a lot.

But the Colts can't go all the way with the passing game. It just won't work out for them, especially with how this team is built now. I've said this before and I'm gonna go say it again: the run game is important and they need revamp this up.

Donald Brown has capacity to get a big game when he can. It just comes down to the blocking. I think the Colts can finally see something going for them in the run game on Sunday against this Packers defense.

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Stop the Passing Attack

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The Packers easily have the best passing offense in the league. With Rodgers behind center, it's hard to know what is going to happen and what he is going to do, which is why he has been so successful in his career.

Stopping Rodgers is the No. 1 priority. Though it's not exactly full-out possible to completely shutting down the league's 2011 MVP, maintaining him and keeping him from scoring touchdowns on them is good enough.

However, it's going to be really tough with a depleted defense that will be without cornerback Vontae Davis for the game. Outside linebacker/defensive end Dwight Freeney is a game-time decision, and pairing him back up again with Robert Mathis can go a long way.

The defensive line may also see a familiar face on Sunday as well, seeing Packers center Jeff Saturday making his return to Indianapolis. It will be an interesting match-up to see there.

However, for the Colts, in stopping the passing attack, they also need to watch out for the run game as well. Green Bay does have Cedric Benson, and he could break out when it's possible.

It's going to be a tough time stopping this offense, but its doable for Indianapolis.

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Play With Pride


I see the Colts playing the rest of the season here-on-out with a lot more motivation, heart and pride. After seeing what happened to their coach, Chuck Pagano, they look to do all they can for him.

The Packers seem like a perfect opening match-up without their head coach. Getting an upset on them is a feel-good story and if they are focused enough, beating the Packers is a great possibility.

I know Pagano will probably be watching this game and him rooting for his team to get an upset. The Colts look to be a different team on Sunday and are coming with a different mindset.

Motivation and pride will play a big key for them. Confidence is going to be heavily boosted. I hope to see a victory, because it looks like it may very well happen if they are focused enough.