NFL Week 5: Chris Johnson vs Adrian Peterson

By Stephanie Umek
Chris Johnson Rushing

They are two of the best running backs in the league since 2008, it’s going to be a focus on them today as the Tennessee Titans travel to play the Minnesota Vikings. Chris Johnson, as we all know, has started a little slow this year, and Adrian Peterson has just taken off.

In the last five years both of these players have had their ups and downs, Chris Johnson played three great years of football and for the past year and a half he has fallen off the charts. Adrian Peterson is coming off of a knee injury but still is having a better year than Johnson.

For many people that know Johnson, his success in a game is based a lot on pride of the team he is facing. Which isn’t always right, but in today’s game, despite the fact he has a lot of respect for Peterson, he plans on playing at his best. It is going to be a ‘pride’ thing that helps with the momentum for the winning team.

Over the last five year Johnson has rushed for 5,831 yards on 1,245 attempts and Peterson has rushed for 5,743 yards on 1,247 attempts. Those numbers are so close it’s scary. But remember, due to the knee injury, Peterson missed most of 2011.

Another side of things for the Titans is that even if Chris Johnson goes out and has a phenomenal game, close to 200 yards total, the Titans defense still needs to put a stop to Peterson, or Johnson’s hard work is void.

Derrick Morgan is fully aware of the situation and knows he needs to help lead the Titans defense to victory. Something that the Titans do have to their advantage this year against the Vikings is the fact that veteran Steve Hutchinson is now on their offense. He is able to provide a lot of help has far as Peterson’s game strategy.

It’s going to be a very close game between these two teams, despite the very different records. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tennessee doesn’t get their second win of the year today.

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