The Arizona Cardinals' Long Week Should help them in Week 6

By Kase Brammer
Todd Heap Arizona Cardinals
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

The Arizona Cardinals are by no stretch of the imagination playing at 100 percent. They are thin at tight end and their leader, Darnell Dockett, is not running at full steam. This long week, after Thursday Night Football, should help them get healthy and fix some holes on both sides of the ball.

The Cardinals had some players out against the St. Louis Rams that could have helped them in the redzone. TE Todd Heap is an underrated player in a system overshadowed by Larry Fitzgerald. It’s hard to say if Heap will be available in week 6, but if he is it will improve the chances of the Cardinals.  Also out against the Rams was change of pace running back LaRod Stephens-Howling, not a big deal, but still something the Cardinals were missing in an embarrassing loss to the Rams.

The injuries are not the only thing that set the Cardinals back this week. Let’s face it. The Cardinals have their offensive and defensive problems. 17 sacks in two games is inappropriate for a team that is 4-1. However, a week of looking at tape should help this offensive line improve. Look for the Cardinals to hammer it into the offensive line and Ryan Williams that they have to do a better job of blocking for QB Kevin Kolb. RB Beanie Wells blocking is apparently something the Cardinals are missing since he went on IR. The defense is starting to get hit on deep plays. I’m sure that will be something the Cardinals’ coaching staff will look into throughout the week. Hopefully, it will be fixed by Sunday.

The Cardinals need to change something up. Yes, they caught the Rams when their defense was playing better than it has in the past decade, but the Cardinals did not make adjustments when they needed too. The Cardinals need to straight up blow out the Buffalo Bills in week 6. The NFL got exactly what they wanted in an Arizona loss. The Cardinals need to work harder to regain the small amount of respect the NFL was giving them.

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