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Cleveland Browns: What Is Jimmy Haslam Thinking?

Eric P. Mull-US Presswire

What is Jimmy Haslam thinking when he sits down with his wife Dee to have breakfast at the kitchen table in the morning? What is going through his head? After witnessing Sunday’s game live in person, is he thinking, “I cannot believe I just spent one billion dollars on this team”? With his new business starting off winless in five games, are there any indications of buyers remorse? Does he scrap this season and start over sooner rather than later? Does he find it embarrassing at all that his Browns are the only team in the NFL that has not won a single contest five games in to the season?

What does a man who has surrounded himself with the best executives in Pilot Flying J, think when he is sitting down with current Cleveland Browns decision makers? Is he thinking, “These people have absolutely no clue.”? Or does he just keep quiet and laugh on the inside?

When Jimmy Haslam III watched the presidential debate, was he psychologically debating to himself what his first move as the new Browns owner is? Does he believe that his future regime can win more than nine games in three years?

For a man who built an empire by putting gasoline in trucks and cars, what are his thoughts about the task ahead in restoring the rich franchise on the lake front? Is he going to spend a ton of money in stadium enhancements and merchandise changes just hoping the team gets better like Jerry Jones does in Dallas?

What are his private conversations with his wife covering topics such as team uniforms, putting a roof on the stadium, and who’s going to “pilot” the plane? Only he and Dee know.

When he lays his head down on that million dollar pillow at night, does he instantly become another Browns fan who can only dream of winning seasons and a Super Bowl ring?

There is not a doubt in anyone’s mind that Haslam finds the management and product of the last thirteen years acceptable. What is this man thinking? We all will soon find out.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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