Dallas Cowboys Cornerback Brandon Carr To Talk To Former Team For Scouting Report On Baltimore Ravens

By Ben Grimaldi

They say the NFL is a copycat league, so whenever a team can be successful in slowing down their opponent, other teams will try the same tactics and get hopefully get the same results. It’s also a game of inches and the Dallas Cowboys will take any inch they can get.

The Kansas City Chiefs just came off of a loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday afternoon, a game in which they allowed just nine points and held Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco to throw for a season low 187 yards. It was the first time all season Flacco didn’t throw a touchdown and he was held to under a fifty percent completion percentage.

The Chiefs had a great gameplan for the Ravens passing game and Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr maybe making a call to his former teammates in Kansas City to see how the Cowboys can duplicate the Chiefs success. Carr said today that he hadn’t talked to his former team yet, “But that phone call will probably go out today.”

It only makes sense for Carr to try and gain any advantage he can as the Cowboys get ready to go up to Baltimore and play the Ravens this week. However, as much as any information Carr can get will be a welcome addition, the Cowboys and Chiefs do have different personnel so it’s difficult to know if they can duplicate any success the Chiefs had. We’d also have to think the Ravens will make adjustments to things that happened yesterday.

Looking at the statistics though, the Cowboys do have the best pass defense in the league, giving up just under 170 yards per game. The Chiefs are 8th in the NFL in pass defense, giving up over 205 yards per game, so the Cowboys do have the ability to slow the Ravens passing game. Making the Ravens one dimensional would go a long way in helping the Dallas defense stop the Baltimore offense.

So make your calls Brandon Carr, and hope you didn’t burn any bridges in Kansas City. The Cowboys chances of an upset may depend on it.

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