KFSees Week 5

By kyleflippin
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-The Cleveland Browns remind me a lot of where the Detroit Lions were a couple years ago. Their record isn’t good (in the Browns’ case it’s winless), so their progress hasn’t shown up in the standings, but watching them play, it’s clear how much talent they have. The Brownies will be a playoff team in the next two or three years. Book it.

-How can a team that has Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and Brent Celek be 31st in the NFL in scoring offense? Don’t ask me. Ask the Philadelphia Eagles.

-I’m still not totally sold on the Minnesota Vikings as a playoff team or as a bona fide contender, but every week they win, I start to believe a little more and more. Kudos to Leslie Frazier for instilling a tough-minded, blue-collar mentality in his team and to Christian Ponder for managing his games as efficiently as any quarterback in the league through these first five weeks.

-There’s a certain toughness and resilience that the Green Bay Packers had in spades when they won the Super Bowl two years ago, which is clearly missing now. Losing key veterans like Cullen Jenkins, Nick Collins, and Daryn Colledge has weakened their resolve when it comes to grinding out close wins. If I’m wrong, they’ll win in Houston next Sunday night and go on a big winning streak from there. If I’m right, they’ll miss the playoffs for the first time in four years.

-The only thing separating the Seattle Seahawks from being one of the elite teams in the NFL and possibly being favorites in the NFC is a good quarterback. Sorry, Russell Wilson. I know you’re young, but your team needs you to pick it up.

-Watching the Jacksonville Jaguars‘ offense this year is proof that the quarterback, and not the coach or coordinator, is what makes the offense. I didn’t buy that Mike Mularkey was going to turn around Blaine Gabbert when he arrived in north Florida and, so far, it looks like a smart non-purchase.

-I’m sorry, but is it just me or did it kind of seem like the referees in the Sunday night game were engineering the game in which Drew Brees broke Johnny Unitas‘ record toward the New Orleans Saints? The roughing the passer call on Melvin Ingram which negated a pick-six, which would have essentially iced the game for the San Diego Chargers seemed ticky-tack to me. As did the offensive pass interference call on Antonio Gates, and the holding call on Nick Hardwick that made it 2nd and 37. It would be one thing if it was called close both ways, but there were quite a bit of post-throw hits on Philip Rivers and physical downfield play by the Saints’ secondary that went ignored. No, I’m not a Chargers fan. I’m just saying.

-So the San Francisco 49ers have the best special teams unit in the NFL, as good a running game as anybody, probably the best defense (or at least a close 2nd to the Houston Texans), and you’re telling me they have a quarterback who can throw for over 300 yards and complete 75% with no picks, as Alex Smith did on Sunday? That sucks for the rest of the NFL.


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