Tennessee Titans vs Pittsburg Steelers Week 6 Preview

By Stephanie Umek
Javon Ringer 2012
Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

Starting out the season with a record of (1-4) is not what the Tennessee Titans exactly had in mind. The season, believe it or not is almost half over and the team only has one win. They are turning into the new Indianapolis Colts of the division.

Compared to last year, when the Titans were ranked 2nd in the AFC South, they now sit dead last in the division and second to last in the league. At least they aren’t as bad at the Cleveland Browns. But then again I’m pretty sure no one expected the New Orleans Saints to be at the bottom of the list either.

This Thursday, like the last three weeks of the Titans schedule will be yet another trial to turn their season around. There is still hope for the playoffs. Last year though they missed them going 9-7. They need to kick it into high gear soon, like two weeks ago.

They will be facing the Pittsburg Steelers who sit comfortably at 2-2. They have already had their bye week for the season in week four and beat the Philadelphia Eagles in an intense 16-14 game on Sunday. It was just announced today that Steelers safety Troy Polamalu will be out after he aggravated his right calf against the Eagles.

I think the Titans looked a lot better though with Matt Hasselbeck in as quarterback. It has been confirmed that Jake Locker will not be playing. Which makes sense, if you are not listed as at least questionable for a Sunday game, there is no way you are going to be healthy enough to play four days later.

The last thing the Titans would want to do is put Locker back out there any less than 100 percent. It’s going to give some advantage to Tennessee that Polamalu is out, as well as linebacker LaMarr Woodley.

That’s fine and well but the Titans don’t need to just learn to score points, they need to learn to not give up 30 points per game. It’s easy for anyone to say I know, but it’s the case and point. The Titans are ranked 29th in the NFL in defense, they actually improved believe it or not from 31st as of last week. However they are up against the 5th ranked defense in the league.

Never mind about Ben Roethlisberger and his 4th ranked offense in passing yards per game. If the Titans can stop Pittsburg’s offense, there won’t be such a big problem. Hopefully the home audience will have a lot of momentum waiting for them.

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