A Look at New England's Offense Through Week 5

By Trisity Miller

After a very impressive performance by the New England Patriots against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, they now stand with a record of 3-2, which currently has them atop the AFC East by one game and tied third in the AFC. While the defense is slowly coming along, the offense is drawing comparisons to the 2007 version. After 5 weeks let’s see where the Patriots offense stands among the entire league.

1st in Yards per Game (439.4)
9th in Passing Yards per Game (274.0)
3rd in Rushing Yards per Game (165.4)
1st in Points per Game (33.0)
4th in Third-Down Percentage
1st in First-Downs

Tom Brady‘s numbers have been average, but it’s not because of lack-luster play. Second-year running back Stevan Ridley is 5th in the league in rushing with 490 yards per game. And the team isn’t forcing the running game either. The Pats are known for being a passing game. They’ve been for the last decade or so. This time they’re just taking what the defense is giving them as teams are daring the team to run. The Pats are doing it by committee also. Rookie Brandon Bolden has 206 rushing yards and Danny Woodhead has 119 yards. As a team, they’ve accumulated 10 total rushing touchdowns on the season. That’s more than 10 teams had all last season.

On the passing side, things have smoothed out since tight-end Aaron Hernandez and Julian Edelman went down as they were looking like Brady’s favorite targets to start the year. The reason? The team remembered they had the best slot-receiver in the NFL on their team in Wes Welker who has been phenomenal since the Week 3 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Tom Brady is looking as good as he has since the 16-0 season. He’s 6th in Yards Thrown, 7th in Pass Percentage, 8th in Passing Touchdowns, 3rd in Passer Rating and has only thrown 1 interception all season. Brandon Lloyd has guaranteed that the best cornerback won’t be on Welker, therefore opening things up underneath. Rob Gronkowski seems to be getting back to his normal self also. And remember, most of this is without Hernandez and Edelman in the offense.

The offensive line has done well considering there were a number of questions coming into the year. There have been a few injuries, but the depth has kept them afloat. The line has only allowed 12 sacks this season and their blocking in the running game has led to much success in that area.

Based of what I’ve seen in the last few weeks, this offense has a chance to be deadly especially if the running game keeps up throughout the season. With Hernandez expected to return next week against the Seattle Seahawks, this offense will be tested against one of the league’s best defenses and if they can pass this test with flying colors the rest of the league may want to take notice immediately.

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