Indianapolis Colts: Reggie Wayne Having Career Season With Rookie Quarterback

By Eric Smith
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Many thought Reggie Wayne was kind of crazy to come back to a rebuilding team after having one of the most successful career’s a receiver could ask for. He won a Super Bowl and was among the league’s best in his 11 years as a member of the Indianapolis Colts.

After a disappointing 2011 season when Wayne has one of his worst seasons since his rookie year, many thought he would be gone as he was a free agent and the Colts wouldn’t want to sign him. He was aging and everyone thought he’d go to a contender and maybe help win another Super Bowl or two and ride off in the sunset as a second or third option at best.

Instead, Wayne made a bold move to take less money and stay with the Colts and help them build a new regime in hopes to top what he was a major contributor on his previous 11 seasons. He came back to stay the No. 1 receiver and help rookie quarterback Andrew Luck grow into the next Peyton Manning. What no one saw though is that Wayne would not only show he still has it, but help Luck be Manning right now after four games.

Wayne is among the league’s best receivers right now and is showing no signs of slowing or aging. It’s like he’s in his mid-20’s all over again and leading this team right now.

In Sunday’s game, Wayne came up huge in giving Luck a target when he was in trouble. Wayne only had a career best 212 yards and a touchdown on 13 receptions. What even more miraculous is he has 36 receptions already this season for 506 yards. His two touchdowns in four games is already half of his total of four in 2011 as he looks like he will shatter those numbers in ‘11 by mid season.

Where Wayne is impressing me is he’s clearly the opposition’s No. 1 player to stop. He’s getting double covered nearly every down as teams know he’s the Colts’ number one threat. Why allow him to go off when you can force the team to lean on rookies?

Wayne’s not only getting open but he’s beating the best defenders on the other team every play. He’s giving his 100 percent heart and soul for this team and he’s finally getting what he deserves. I said this a few weeks ago and will say it again. This team will go as far as Wayne can lead them.

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